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I loved that movie Breathless! (The original!)

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As usual, we are on a similar wavelength as I have recently been thinking of Seberg and wondering about the circumstances of her death. I am embarrassed to say I went so far as to cut my hair in the “gamin” style! Did you see the 2019 biopic with Kristen Stewart? It implies that she was intimate w/Jamal. Curious that Stewart followed this performance w/her portrayal of Diana, also a benevolent figure who was potentially murdered...


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Tremendous interview. She was indeed uncannily smart, composed and articulate. The psychological aspect of Wallace’s program with his probing questions is redolent of the times infused with psychoanalysis. Even the lighting of the cigarette on the commercial suggests hypnosis!

Wallace himself suffered from depression and bipolar disorder as did one of his sons, who committed suicide. It is interesting how he characterizes Seberg’s journey as a Faustian dilemma; a struggle between innocence and temptation.

I wonder how much the Lolita-crazed Hollywood is responsible for Michael Jackson’s demise and how much is to be believed about his alleged paedophilia. Remarkable that Jackson was intimate friends w/Brooke Shields and Elizabeth Taylor, childhood stars. Obviously Judy Garland was pumped and dumped. Even Shirley Temple was “used” as an influencer; she later became an ambassador making her role official in adulthood...And so many UNicef ambassadors, including Angelina Jolie...

The Frankfurt School Marxists understood the Hollywood program: “Enlightenment as Mass Deception.” Preminger was obviously aware of as much.

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To be clear when I say Seberg is worthwhile seeing, I don’t endorse the position that it presents. I have been thinking of it in terms of propaganda and predictive programming attempting to draw white support for BLM by fostering regard of it as a reiteration of BP (which in reality is BS—hahaha).

Le gamin hairstyle represents the androgen, the young woman as the naughty uncontrollable boy. A signal to disobey authority. Of course it was in vogue as the birth control pill was unleashed as the so-called agent of freedom. A woman could only be freed from her historically oppressed position if she denied her sexuality and became androgynous and irresponsible. As another of your posts asserted, libération was misrepresented as licentiousness. feminism was weaponized in the cultural revolution of May 68 in which Truffaut played a prominent role. Jane Fonda was “used” in French cinema in this regard.

(Here we are today with a Black female Supreme Court justice reluctant to declare what it is to be a woman. )

Incidentally, Godard was Swiss, as you know. His, “Notre Musique” is among the most scathing indictments of historical warmongering. In formal respects, a kaleidoscopic dizzying montage redolent of Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera..,

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Teresa writes regarding the deaths of Jean Seberg, Marilyn Monroe, and Dorothy Kilgallen, "... It seems this barbiturates-and-alcohol mix became a common method of death as reported for a few celebrities back then ..."

I agree. Marilyn Monroe "had no pills in her stomach" according to the autopsy report.

Best explanation IMO: Marilyn's killer(s) used a Nembutal or barbiturate enema, therefore stomach contents showed on autopsy as empty ... also i can't stand the sight of actor/Kennedy family hanger-on Peter Lawford after i read about his alleged role ... idk if he betrayed MM in some way ... but it wouldn't surprise if true ... nothing surprises anymore.

And wasn't a similar murder by barbiturate enema discussed in connection with the strange death of journalist/writer Dorothy Kilgallen just about 2 years after Marilyn died?

Both women had Kennedy involvements. MM was personally involved with the both brothers. And Dorothy Kilgallen was writing her book "Murder One" with a chapter devoted to the JFK assassination, based on her stunning achievement: obtaining a jailhouse interview with Jack Ruby!

When i would watch Dorothy the detective in action in re-runs of the old TV game show "What's My Line?," she always struck me as someone eager to solve the puzzle of each mystery guest's occupation.. And in most cases, the more intelligent Dorothy would figure it out first before the other not-quite-as-smart celebrity panelists.

A TRUE journalist she was!

If you have interest, here's the "Mysterious Death of Reporter Dorothy Kilgallen & the JFK Assassination" (2 hours, 5 million views) link below:


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