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Thanks for this enlightening exposé of Dr Reisman and her work. Did she not deserve a broader audience with such on point narrative of the damage Kinsey has done with his highly flawed agenda of normalizing seemingly all things sexual? A truly remarkable focused and caring woman!

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They still should be especially in K-12 schools by parents, teachers and administrations. Right now, many are being led into becoming a transgender with help from their teachers and without parental acknowledgement. This is sickening. Judy possibly was correct that her daughter got the brain aneurysm and died because of the rape. It also could be said the aneurysm was a BID (blessing in disguise) as the daughter still could have been traumatized from the rape. What a wonderful and intelligent woman, Judy Reisman was.

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Shout out to Celia Farber for the link to Pèlerine's Newsletter post. I am another human soul who had not heard of Dr. Judith Reisman until today. I am poised to learn a lot, and do what I can to expose the fraud of the Kinsey pseudo-science.

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Tom DeLay was one of the voices in the wilderness on this back in 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUhoTzJ5Rvc

And we can add Freud, Erich Fromm, and Herbert Marcuse to the predatory frauds that created this monster.

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Yes, she was so amazing for doing all of this. I have been thinking about her all day We would be so much better if there were more people on our side willing to investigate things like this. I'm thinking of the SC Senator or Congresswoman Nancy who was killed around 2009 for investigating child protective services. I have been trying to think of her exact name. Maybe you can remember? Either way, they are so few and far between

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I hadn’t heard of her before this post. Thank you for writing and posting it - extremely thought provoking.

Among other things, it suggests connections between shame, the human body and the Covid-19 injections as violative and demanding a personal complicity in the violation.

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I had the honor of knowing Dr. Reisman through a mutual friend, the late American hero Charlotte Iserbyt. She was a sweet but fearless fighter for morality and our children as was Charlotte. She took the poison COVID injection so she could travel and continue her fight. That injection killed her.

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Kinsey was an entomologist... one particularly repulsive worm who never attained butterflyhood that's for sure. Worse, he compromised that development for millions of others.

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We definitely need more people like her. It's crazy how far the gender cult has gotten its fingers into American culture and education. Even the word "gender" is created by these perverts like John Money. We need to stop using it.

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A remarkable woman by all acoounts....& still dumb as dried paint on this 'virus' and its vaccine.

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I admire the work Reisman did exposing Kinsey's criminal use of pedophiles to obtain "scientific" data. It was truly horrific. And yes I've seen other reports that convincingly linked pornography with increased sexual violence.

But why on earth does she equate homosexuality with pedophilia?

About 10% of animal and human populations have been observed to prefer same sex relationships. This bears no resemblance to pedophilia. It's more equivalent to being left-handed.

Most pedophilia is committed by straight men. Of course it's just as bad no matter who is doing it.

Most pedophilia happens in families when male relatives rape children, most often girls, but boys too.

If it's not in the family, it's usually someone close to the family, as in Reisman's case.

But for her to imagine she lived in a time when such things rarely happened is absurd. Read Alice Miller, a German psychoanalyst who wrote the most cogent explanation I've read of why Hitler was able to find so many followers. In short it was because child rearing in Germany at that time was extremely abusive and vast numbers of physically, sexually, and mentally abused children had a lot of suppressed rage waiting to be directed at a target. And there was Hitler who imitated the angry, abusive Father/Fuhrer they had been commanded to obey and love, or else.

It's important to remember that child abuse starts at home, and without that, pornography and trafficking could not exist.

And btw, the Bible contains many pornographic stories. How about the one from Judges where a man gives his concubine to a group of men who rape her all night. In the morning she crawls back to her "owner's" door and he commands her to get up. She dies and he has her cut in 12 pieces and her body distributed throughout Israel. How is that pornographic story helpful for children or anyone else?


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Hi Teresa, I found this piece through Celia Faber's cross-post a year later and would like to share something here from my own research focus that has an overlap and meaning to add a broader context to the discussion, connects some seemingly unconnected ideas and awareness.

A legal scholar and philosopher I discovered researching the subject of Behavioral Science, Walter Berns, was memorialized with the following excerpted from his obituary in 2015:

Washington Post, January 14, 2015


"Dr. Berns’s career, “reflects the classical view that democracy depends on the character of the citizens, so their opinions and beliefs, their personal habits and degree of self-discipline — in a word, their virtues — will matter to the prospects of democratic government.”

Dr. Berns argued against unbounded individual rights and for restrictions on pornography, which he believed eroded self-restraint.

“Those who are without shame,” he remarked, “will be unruly and unrulable; having lost the ability to restrain themselves by obeying the rules they collectively give themselves, they will have to be ruled by others.”"

This is a paper that he wrote on the subject:

Pornography versus Democracy: A Case for Censorship

The Public Interest, Winter, 1971


I introduce Walter Berns to you and your readers because he wrote not only about pornography, but linked the shamelessness it represented to totalitarianism, as the obituary stated. He wrote extensively about the law, governance and the role of science and pseudosciences in law, as in politicians and judges making demands we must "Follow the Science" instead of our normal law and rule making governance. He frequently cautioned against substituting the pseudoscience of Behavioral Science as a governing model, jurisprudence, though it would be tempting. And would likely become totalitarianism:

Law and Behavioral Science by Walter Berns

Law and Contemporary Problems (Duke Law School), Winter, 1963


Behavioral Science is important to understand has been The Science of the pandemic restrictions, and cessations of freedom, debate. When public health leaders waved around masks and claimed they were supported by "the best science" they didn't mean medical science, virological, microbiological science. They meant social and behavioral science. Purposely hiding in the ambiguity of the word "science." A pseudoscience. The public assumed they meant real science, assumptions being what they are. Lockdowns, contact tracing, quarantines, censorship, propaganda, psychological appeals, nudges coercion, manipulation, all of these are the results of and practices of Behavioral Science. It's why it's known as "The Science of Totalitarianism":


Epidemiologists are often trained in Behavioral Science, believing they must change people's behaviors during a pandemic to mitigate the spread of disease. They diagnosed what they believed to be an ignorant public, selfish, shameless, helpless as suffering from "optimism bias" and wrongly believing by the 'expert's' estimation that they weren't at risk of a novel virus. And so they would need to have their 'wrong' beliefs 'corrected' by "fear amplification" devices like masks, and saturation messaging campaigns (propaganda), including censoring information that would reduce fear. They needed to rule us by deceit and coercion, psychological trickery. Masks are "fear amplifying," it's why only bank robbers and plane hijackers wore them in public prior to 2020 (aka terrorizing). And they are symbols of submission, a BDSM device for submissives to wear for their dom's. A connection to sexual deviancy. An application of Behavioral Science. "Behave" a dominatrix says to her sub.

Berns was a prolific writer:

Reassessing the Sixties debating the political and cultural legacy, 1997


Cornell '69 : liberalism and the crisis of the American university, 1999


Resource on the Works of Walter Berns:


And he wrote about a controversial court case from a century ago, still the law of our nation, concerning the pseudoscience of Eugenics. Sterilizations of the mentally ill and undesirables. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes writing for the majority, "three generations of imbeciles is enough" in approving the government practice of sterilization:

Buck v. Bell: Due Process of Law by Walter Berns

Political Research Quarterly, December 1, 1953


Very dangerous law. US Constitutional law that was cited by German defendants on trial for their crimes against humanity in the Nuremberg Trials. Eugenics and euthanasia went hand-in-hand in the eugenicist movement. A pseudoscience masquerading as real science. That resulted in the murder of millions. And becoming more and more relevant today as the pseudoscience of "Newgenics" has emerged:

Buck v. Bell, American Eugenics, and the Bad Man Test:

Putting Limits on Newgenics in the 21st Century

Minnesota Journal of Law & Inequality, January, 2020


Which brings this full circle back to your piece, pornography, children viewed as sexual objects. Because if you look at the emergent phenomenon of transgenderism, among children, a top-down social contagion, it is a very sophisticated and deceitful presentation of eugenics. Because "gender-affirming care" that chemically and surgically destroys the reproductive systems of those who undergo it, including children, is inherently sterilizing. These people will never have children. And those who wish to be the opposite gender are suffering from gender dysphoria, a mental illness diagnosis that only recently was discarded because it was 'stigmatizing.' Sterilizing the mentally ill. The "gender-affirming care" industry is a product of a Madison Avenue treatment of eugenics. The Buck v. Bell solution to "generations of imbeciles being enough." New flashy label. Same evil product.

Modern advertising pioneer Edward Bernays was related to Sigmund Freud. Just as practiced in the pseudosciences of psychological manipulation, behavioral science an evolution of their work a century ago. The origins of Madison Avenue marketing and advertising firms. And the pandemic protocols of behavioral science masquerading as medical science have been the same as Dr. Sigmund Freud performing open heart surgery while cardiologists watch from the viewing balcony above.

And Walter Berns began cautioning us the better part of seven decades ago that we would be where we are as a society. The role of pornography, included. All interconnected. Shameless. Unruly and unrulable; unable to restrain themselves; having to be ruled by others. Following the Science. Straight into totalitarianism.

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Interesting. Thank you for posting this.

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Thank you Theresa for this amazing post on an amazing woman I was not familiar with. I am here for the first time thanks to Celia Farber! As a Catholic I am familiar with the less than stellar John Jay Report and find myself listening to many Patrick Coffin talks. In a world done so wrong the Catholics must right their ship but I find so many clueless. It seems the topics are so dark and brooding that many would prefer to cover their eyes and ears. Our priests ignore the topics at hand and our parishioners act like the world is status quo. Today I am probably most haunted by the evolution into transgenderism and the migration to younger and younger ages to medicalize a flat out lie. I have jumped around from church to church and you would never know this is happening!

As Reisman is correct to point out it is the men that must learn to control themselves and in turn influence society. The classical art of the ages never showed aroused and well-endowed men. It was seen as powerful to be in control of your sexuality. How far we have come! Today it seems to me our youth are fleeing their God-given sex to hide in synthetic states of drug and surgical induced states (transgenderism due to the in-their-faces sexual perversity they encounter. But the thing I see is that this often leads to a sort of hyper pseudo sexual way of being and of course broken bodies and souls. I mean - what might happen if we feed young women testosterone? And what might happen is we present sissy/ hypno porn to young boys? For a look at what might happen you can follow the rabbit hole on a website called The 11th Hour Blog. These are not for the faint of heart but to stop it, we must understand it.



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