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So just recently I was visiting Mission San Diego de Alcalá, as I like to pray and do reflective meditation in the Church. They play Gregorian chants in the Church which adds to the whole prayer experience.

In their ‘gift shop’ they have a rack of laminated prayer cards with all manner of saints. They had a Guardian Angel Prayer Card and I bought one for each of my Niece’s young daughters.

It’s a prayer I learned as a child and had not forgotten it, but had not said it in years. I’m going to incorporate it into my morning and night time prayers! Thanks for sharing Fr. Goring’s Guardian Angel message. 🙏🏼😇

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Wonderful reminder of the beautiful gifts & protections our Creator has endowed us with! Thank-you for sharing!

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Angele Dei, qui custos es mei, me, tibi commíssum pietáte supérna, illúmina, custódi, rege et gubérna. Amen. ♥️♥️♥️

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I have become keenly aware of a spiritual force that never seems to lose patience with my stupidity or give up trying to find ways to reach through to me, especially when trying to prevent me from taking wrong action.

Years ago, my mother attended a gala event that had valet parking. She refused to listen to her intuition telling her that the car would be stolen if she left it with the valet, dismissing it as unfounded. After the car was indeed stolen, she would tell us, "Listen to your guardian angels."

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Absolutely true ! Hope, hope, hope, yes, yes, yes, wonder, wonder, wonder, rolling eyes ... LOL !

It is really hard to feel I am accomplishing something when nothing or nutting is changing, ... NO LOL !

For example, getting 100 subscribers when a month ago I had 0, while two months ago I had thousands below 0 .... sorry, I am a bit perplexed, by hope, by wonder, by the whole concept.

The problem with democracy is the same as with dictatorship, my boat, my rules, obey or obey, or else. Society or humanity has not evolved much, there are still wars.

The good thing is that my totalitarian instant classic posts get spread like Covid, LOL ! I am trending on social media ....

Well, trending, if you, my dear readers, pass it along, altogether now ! Here is a little appetizer !






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