I apologize for being incommunicado. I am behind in my reading. But I will not miss your coverage of this event. Do you find it curious that the funeral took place on Christmas Eve in the Eastern Orthodox calendar?

When Benedict abdicated and Francis was chosen, St. Peter's was struck by lightening twice after the conclave sent the smoke signal. And now Benedict passes as the Orthodox church celebrates the birth of Christ. I see these as signals that the Vatican is not representing the "light and the way," of Jesus and I am considering transitioning to Eastern Orthodox. I am going to read Benedict's text on Eschatology.

The more I learn about the Vatican's collusion with Nazis and role in the decimation of the Jews and Serbs--both of which were/are based in Eastern Orthodox countries, the region of conflict today--the less comfortable I am as a Catholic. There needs to be a purge of corruption at the Vatican which I suppose will never happen?...They have probably always been up to nefarious geopolitical maneuvers.... They have yet to issue an apology (or better, retract) their endorsement of the gene therapy vaccines--a violation of the body that they portrayed as an act of love...

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