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Once seen, cannot be unseen.

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Lol! Have we got all day? Everything. Every war has been manufactured. There are numerous theories, studies, papers and historical articles / videos that I have read / watched. I realised from the Iraq WMDs nonsense then 9/11 prior to Brexit that all was rotten. Am now studying the KJV which some cynics are saying is a predictive programming psy op itself. I may have confirmation bias but am comfortable with the KM / Venetian Black Nobility bloodlines, Freemasons, Rome, Jesuits, Rhodes Round tables model and their Malthusian Eugenic bent. The Crown, BAR Admiralty Law cage constructed around us and infiltration and corruption of all our institutions - e.g. by Fabians and Common Purpose wonks in the UK. Look how the Frankfurt Schools aims are being rolled out to our kids, inverting and perverting everything. Pilgrims Society and Privy Council are pulling the strings and the globalists dancing to their tune, demolishing the old to usher in the dystopian Technocracy they envisage. The useful idiots enabling this do not realise they are dispensable. One potential solution that would be crushed is the Bradbury Pound akin to Greenbacks which worked in WW1 and never spoken of again. I believe in humanity and am not afraid. God and Jesus will ensure justice in this world or the next.

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Just after the illegal coalition invasion of Iraq, the British daily newspaper, the Daily Telegraph ran a story that I read, to which it devoted a tiny few paragraphs in a one mere few inch section of a narrow column on one of the last pages of the newspaper, and it stated that American forces had repaired a damaged oil pipeline running through Iraq from Mosul to Kirkuk, and then extended that pipeline all the way into Israel.

It was stated in the Telegraph that unlimited supplies of oil are to be pumped into Israel in perpetuity from then on (for free at the cost of coalition goy slave army lives lost and taxes paid by the coalition nation slave peoples, and at the cost of massive genocide against the innocent Iraqi people themselves who obviously never had any WMD's in the first place).

Israel continues to this day having slave American troops serve Israel by having them continually stationed in Iraq to guard the oil well heads, oil pipelines and pumping stations to protect and ensure the continued flow of stolen oil from Iraq into Israel. No other nation gets any of the stolen oil by the way, only Israel, though no nations at all should be getting any stolen oil at all of course, especially not at such obscene cost, and it appears that all coalition nations offer fealty to Israel by serving only Israeli interests.

I attended a talk many years ago by the Australian journalist John Pilger on the Iraq war, he said that while visiting Iraq he witnessed sorties of coalition air force fighter jets taking off and landing continually round the clock, they took off loaded with DU bombs and always came back empty. Their main purpose was to bomb not just populated areas in Iraq, but even areas that the Iraqi people might ever attempt to move to in the future, he said so as to make that land permanently uninhabitable.

In 1990 before coalition forces entered Iraq, the cancer rate in Iraq was just 5% lifetime rate of incidence among the Iraqi people, but by just 15 years later, rapidly escalating due to entirely planned deliberate pollution, in 2005 it had already reached a staggering 200% lifetime rate of incidence, and that rate is still rising rapidly.

Reports can be found online of Iraqi farmers at the time being literally forced at gunpoint to give up farming with their own seed stock and to instead from then on only use cancer-causing, birth defect causing, lowered fertility causing and miscarriage causing GM Monsanto company bioweapon seeds, Monsanto of course being yet another Jewish-owned and Jewish-run company.

The Abu Ghraib grain research facility in Iraq that housed many ancient grains from which new strains ideally suited to the climate and soil types in Iraq were continually being developed was pillaged and destroyed by American troops, so that Iraqi farmers could no longer get new seed strains based on traditional ancient seed stock from there.

I have spoken to medical volunteers in person who regularly visit Iraq every year to do voluntary charitable work over there, they tell me they hardly ever see a normal child in Iraq anymore, as the birth defect and injury rate and disability rates are so high.

These attacks on Iraq were organized by Israel, and were intended to ultimately bring about the total genocide of the entire Iraqi people similar to the stated intentions in Deuteronomy 20:16. purely on behalf of Israel and no one else, never really being to protect any NATO members from any real WMD's.

The needless massive burn-pits used by US forces in Iraq produced heavy amounts of carcinogenic and birth defect-producing dioxins that were no doubt intended as a kind of weapon themselves.

The deliberate heavy use of DU in Iraq, which British 'doctors' to this day persist in saying on behalf of the UK (Israeli military occupation) government is completely harmless as 'it just goes into the soil' they say, is to this day producing an horrific continuing rise in cancer rates and birth defect rates which will surely persist for as long as the DU stays in the Iraqi environment.

DU has a half life of millions of years, so quite clearly, the use of DU, which is misnomered as it actually contains several radioactive isotope impurities, in the full course of time destroys the contiguity of any genomic material, and is recognized as ultimately having the effect of totally exterminating all forms of life on any land area on which it is deployed. The degree and intensity of pure hatred and physical aggression required to implement such a policy with such terrible weaponry is literally criminally insane.

Zelensky states that he wishes to create a Greater Israel in Ukraine, he is not putting Ukrainian Christians into the meat grinder to save the people of Ukraine, he is suiciding and liquidating them according the the instructions left by Rabbi Menachem Schneerson years ago, Zelensky's hired mercenary thugs forcefully dragging even women and children away to be conscripted to fight, with life expectancy on the front lines being only a mere 4 hours.

The war in Ukraine requires the influence of Chabad Lubavitcher agents running both Ukraine and Russia to make sure it happens, and of course the same criminal terrorist death cult controlling NATO, the UN including the US, UK and European nations now involved in sending arms to Ukraine. The Ukraine war was stated by the late head Chabad Lubavitcher Rabbi Menachem Schneerson to be necessary to be arranged under pretences of preserving national interests to in fact trick the Gentile Slavic inhabitants of Russia and Ukraine to kill each other, thus 'ending their line' as Schneerson said must be made to take place, so that Jews can then move into the land of Ukraine.

This is why Putin has insisted that no radioactive DU shell weapons be used in Ukraine by his own forces or even by NATO forces, as he says that will constitute a nuclear weapons attack on Ukrainian territories now under the protection of Russia, which Jewish Chabad Lubavitcher devotee Zelensky has been continually shelling since 2014 using arms sent by the UK and US to murder Ukrainian Christian people in the Donbass region who are Russian speakers, with video footage of such Ukrainian shelling on civilian Ukrainian areas of the Donbass region being able to be seen on video occurring still today, such attacks having been murdering thousands of civilians since 2014 right up to today, using Western 'aid' that is posed to the US and UK peoples and other duped Gentile peoples as being intended to be used to fight just Russian troops. Both Zelensky and Putin are Chabad Lubavitcher devotees and alumni of the megalomaniac WEF Klaus Schwab. The rich black chernozem farmland has always been highly prized, and obviously the Jews who wish to take that land to not wish for it to become radioactively polluted and useless.

But Putin himself of course, like Zelensky, is a Chabad Lubavitcher devotee too, I have photos of Putin wearing a Chabad Lubavitcher red thread on his wrist, others of him wearing a Jewish yarmulke skullcap and others with him in the close company of groups of Chabad Lubavitcher rabbis. That sect states that they control all political and economic affairs in both Russia and Ukraine, and the war in Ukraine, like many others, is entirely arranged for Israeli purposes.

And of course, the American Jewish congressman Jamie Raskin who recently stated that 'this is a jihad', and that Russia must be destroyed because it is a Christian nation, might provide a tiny clue as to what is about to be made to happen to other white populations of Christian nations like those in the US itself, and all of Europe, as a number of rabbis are stating in video speeches that can be seen online on rumble, bitchute etc., that all whites in the world must die, and some are bold enough to openly state what is really in their scriptures, that all Gentiles in the entire world are ultimately intended to be exterminated.

Israel and its dual nationality scientists around the world is ultimately where the COVID bioweapon came from too, this truth being largely hidden by a partially disclosed paper trail that is made to look like it really begins with the American DOD (which really operates as part of a hostile Israeli military occupation government). The trail then leads to 'Jesuit' Jewish-named Fauci with his thick Jewish accent, then carrying on via Peter Daszak's Ecohealth Alliance whose membership reads like a Tel Aviv telephone directory, then to the Wuhan lab in China to create a convenient 'Chicom' suspect, but numerous reports are surfacing revealing that more American-run bioweapon labs in Ukraine have now been taken by the Russians containing material that confirms those labs have been doing illegal gain of function research on COVID and other diseases themselves, such weapons really being intended to weaken Gentile peoples before other harsher and more military programs are inflicted on them. Israel itself is reputed to have perhaps the largest or second largest bioweapon research labs on the entire planet.

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